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Pen Symbol of culture and civilisation Lotus Culture and civilisation Red Cross Medical and Hospital Red Flag Revolution: also sign of danger Black Flag Symbol of protest Yellow Flag Flown on ships or vehicles carrying patients suffering from infectious diseases Flag flown upside down Symbol of distress White Flag Symbol of truce Pigeon or Dove Symbol of peace A blindfolded woman holding a balanced scale Symbol of justice Black strip on face arm Sign of mourning or protest One skull on two bones crossing each other diagonally Sign of danger Wheel(Chakra) Symbol of progress Flag flown at half mast Sym

[MCQ]General Studies For UPSC Civil Services Exam(GS Paper 1), SET 21||DEB STUDY

General Studies For UPSC Civil Services Exam UPSC CS EXAM MCQ Q.1 Recently which of the following state governments signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the linking of Betwa and Ken?