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Question :: 1
The Damodar Valley Multipurpose Project was designed after -

(a) Tenesy Valley Project of USA
(b) Lena Project of USSR
(c) Amazon River Valley Project
(d) Hwang Ho River Project of China
Answer :: a

Question :: 2
Name the first Indian state which established "Lokayukta"?

(a) Maharashtra
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Bihar
(d) Kerala

Answer :: a

Question :: 3
The western side of the western ghats is a -

(a) Cliff
(b) Autochthonous Nappe
(c) Fault scarp
(d) Rocky outlier

Answer :: c

Question :: 4
The Indus river rises near -

(a) Sheshnag lake
(b) Bhimtal lake
(c) Lake Nasser
(d) Manasoravar lake

Answer :: d

Question :: 5
Lateritic soils of India are -

(a) Rich in Iron
(b) Rich in humus
(c) Rich in basaltic lava
(d) Rich in uranium

Answer :: a

Question :: 6
The black soils of Maharashtra are called - 

(a) Regolith
(b) Khadar
(c) Regur
(d) Bhabar

Answer :: c

Question :: 7
East Kolkata Wetlands has been declared as a - 

(a) World Heritage site
(b) Ramsar site
(c) Biodiversity site
(d) None of the above

Answer :: b

Question :: 8
When was Ganga water Treaty signed between India and Bangladesh?

(a) 1994
(b) 1995
(c) 1996
(d) 1997

Answer :: c

Question :: 9
Seismograph is - 

(a) An instrument for photographing clouds
(b) An instrument for recording earthquake tremors
(c) An instrument for measuring depths of water in the sea
(d) A device for recording changes in the atmospheric pleasure.

Answer :: b

Question :: 10
Jute is mainly grown in - 

(a) Tamil Nadu
(b) West Bengal
(c) Kerala
(d) Himachal Pradesh

Answer :: b


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