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[VSQ]ECONOMY Q&A For All Competitive Exam||Set 10

ECONOMY VSQs ✔️ Q 1.  Short-term finance is usually for a period ranging up to?  👉 12 months ✔️ Q 2.  The philosophy of 'Laissez-faire' is associated with ?  👉 Industrial States ✔️ Q 3.  Where in Indian are coins minted ?  👉 Mumbai, Calcutta & Hyderabad ✔️ Q 4. In India, in which year was the service tax first introduced?  👉 1994

[VSQ]ECONOMY Q&A For All Competitive Exam||Set 09

ECONOMY VSQs ✔️ Q 1.  CENVAT is associated with__?  👉 Rate of Indirect Tax ✔️ Q 2.  Gilt-edged means__?  👉 Market of govt. securities ✔️ Q 3.  What is the effect of Deficit financing?  👉 Inflation ✔️ Q 4.  Who was the first Indian Governor of RBI?  👉 Shachindra Ray

[VSQ]ECONOMY Q&A For All Competitive Exam||Set 08

ECONOMY VSQs ✔️ Q 1.  Temporary tax levied to obtain additional revenue is called__?  👉 Fee ✔️ Q 2.  Which European country is the guarantor of Bank of Central African States?  👉 France ✔️ Q 3.  When was Consumer Protection Act(COPR A) passed?  👉 1986 ✔️ Q 4.  The Money Order system in India was introduced in the year__?  👉 1880

[VSQ]ECONOMY Q&A For All Competitive Exam||Set 07

ECONOMY VSQs ✔️ Q 1.  Which is the oldest stock exchange in the world?  👉 Amsterdam Stock Exchange ✔️ Q 2.  Taxation and the government’s expenditure policy are dealt under under which policy?  👉 Fiscal Policy ✔️ Q 3.  If the price of an inferior good falls, what about its demand?  👉 Remains Constant ✔️ Q 4.  Which type of unemployment mostly found in India?  👉 Disguised Unemployment

[VSQ]ECONOMY Q&A For All Competitive Exam||Set 06

ECONOMY VSQs ✔️ Q 1.  Which is the ‘Slack Season’ in the Indian Economy?  👉 January-June ✔️ Q 2.  To meet the need of whom, the concept of Land Development Bank has been developed?  👉 Farmers ✔️ Q 3.  When was the Rolling plan designed?  👉 1978-83 ✔️ Q 4.  Which country is the largest debtor of UNO?  👉 U. S.

[VSQ]ECONOMY Q&A For All Competitive Exam||Set 05

ECONOMY VSQs ✔️ Q 1.  Which sector of Indian Economy has shown remarkable expansion during the last decade ?  👉 Tertiary Sector ✔️ Q 2.  Which state has the lowest per capita income?  👉 Bihar ✔️ Q 3.  World Development Report is an annual publication of__?  👉 International Bank of Reconstruction & Development ✔️ Q 4.  The slogan of ‘Garibi Hatao’ (Remove Poverty) was launched in which FYP?  👉 4th FYP

[VSQ]ECONOMY Q&A For All Competitive Exam||Set 04

ECONOMY VSQs ✔️ Q 1.  How many banks were nationalized in 1969?  👉 14 ✔️ Q 2.  In April 1980 how many banks were nationalized?  👉 Six ✔️ Q 3.  When was decimal coinage introduced in India?  👉 1957 ✔️ Q 4.  One rupee notes contain the signature of__?  👉 Finance Secretary, GOI

[VSQ]ECONOMY Q&A For All Competitive Exam||Set 03

ECONOMY VSQs ✔️Q1.  In which year was Minimum inflation in post economic reform?  👉 1999-2000 ✔️Q2.  Who was the Chairman of the first Finance Commission?  👉 K. C. Niyogi ✔️Q3.  Those goods which have positive relationship between price and quantity demanded are called as - 👉 Giffen Goods ✔️Q4.  On July 12, 1982, the ARDC was merged into__?  👉 NABARD

[VSQ]ECONOMY Q&A For All Competitive Exam||Set 02

ECONOMY VSQs ✔️Q1.  Deficit financing means that the government borrows money from the__?  👉 RBI ✔️Q2.  “Bad money (if not limited in quantity ) drives good money out of circulation.” is the law known as__?  👉 Gresham's law ✔️Q3.  The ""Garibi Hatao"" slogan was coined in__?  👉 1971 ✔️Q4.  When was the Reserve Bank of India taken over by the Government?  👉 1948

[VSQ]ECONOMY Q&A For All Competitive Exam||Set 01

ECONOMY VSQs ✔️Q1.  In which year Swarn Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojna came into being?  👉 1st April 1999 ✔️Q2.  Where is the headquarter of East African Development Bank?  👉 Uganda ✔️Q3.  In which year Statutory Liquidity Ratio was first imposed on banks?  👉 1949 ✔️Q4.  The Unclaimed deposits are those deposits which haven’t been operated for how many years?  👉 10 years or more