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Population Interaction

Population Interaction Interspecific interactions arise from the interaction of populations of two different species. They could be beneficial, detrimental or neutral (neither harm nor benefit) to one of the species or both.  Population Interactions : ⮚Mutualism : Both the species benefit. ⮚ Competition :   In their interactions with each other both the species lose. ⮚ Both Parasitism &  Predation : Only one species benefit. ⮚ Commensalism :  The interaction where one species is benefitted and the other is neither benefitted nor harmed. ⮚ Amensalism :  One species is harmed whereas the other is unaffected. Note : Predation, parasitism and commensalism share a common characteristic– the interacting species live closely together. Table : Population Interactions Species A Species B Name of Interaction + + Mutualism - - Competition + - Predation + - Parasitism + 0 Commensalism - 0 Amensalism Assigning a ‘+’ sign for beneficial interaction, ‘-’ sign for detrimental and 0 for neutral i

ORGANISMS AND POPULATIONS - Environment & Ecology for UPSC CSE (Preliminary Paper 1 & Main GS 3 Paper 4)

ORGANISMS AND POPULATIONS Here We will learns about ORGANISMS AND POPULATIONS Details are given below 1. Organism & its Environment                 1.1 Major Abiotic Factors                             a. Temperature                             b. Water                             c. Light                             d. Soil                 1. 2 Responses to Abiotic Factors                             a. Regulate                             b. Conform                             c. Migrate                             d. Suspend                 1.3 Adaptations 2. Populations                 2.1 Population Attributes                 2.2 Population Growth                              a. Exponential Growth                              b. Logistic Growth                 2.3 Life History Variation                 2.4 Population Interaction ⚡