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[Day 03]Synonym - Antonym[From The Hindu Editorial]

Synonym - Antonym Word  :: Install Synonyms :: Establish, Fix, Introduce, Lay, Locate, Place, Plant, Position, Put, Settle, Situate, Induct, Instate, Invest. Antonyms :: Remove Word  :: Quest Synonyms :: Adventure, Crusade, Enquiry, Hunt, Journey, Mission, Pursuit, Search. Antonyms :: Abandonment

[Day 02]Synonym - Antonym[From The Hindu Editorial]

Synonym - Antonym Word :: High-class Synonyms :: Classy, Exclusive, High-quality, posh, superior, Upper-class Antonyms :: Mediocre, Ordinary Word  :: Deplete Synonyms :: Consume, Cut, Decrease, Drain, Empty, Evacuate, Exhaust, Expend, Lessen, Reduce, Use up Antonyms :: Increase

[Day 01]Synonym - Antonym[From The Hindu Editorial]

 Synonym - Antonym Word ⇔ Ability Synonyms  ⇔  Adeptness, Aptitude, Competence, Genius, Bent, Brains, Dexterity, Capacity, Power, Proficiency, Knack Antonyms  ⇔  Inability, Incompetence, Ineptitude, Weakness Word  ⇔  Bud Synonyms  ⇔  Embryo, Germ, Shoot, Sprig, Sprout Antonyms  ⇔  Waste away, Wither